What we do

Ethical Compass is an independent impact mapping agency that works exclusively with pension funds to help them understand the impact of their portfolio.

Our latest research showed that 68% of pension fund managers are paralysed into inaction by a lack of knowledge around impact investing.


This is why we begin by educating you and your team in the fundamentals of impact mapping, including an introduction to the SDG's and identifying your core impact priorities.

We then set impact metrics based on your environmental and social priorities and then create a map of the funds based on their performance.


Finally, we create simple yet robust communication strategies to use your impact as an engagement tool. 

The outcomes not only give you clarity on your fund's performance, but also provides you with a blueprint to help integrate sustainability into all of your future investment decisions and procurement processes.

Our process

Our services are completely bespoke, but operate around these three key pillars.

1. Education

Ethical Compass have designed workshops so that all participants can have their voice heard and play a role in creating a vision of your fund's future.


  • Our proprietary workshops will help you understand the fundamentals of impact investing, portfolio mapping and how to define your core impact priorities.

  • Our climate-science experts explain the current global climate emergency; helping you to understand how climate change poses investment risks, as well as opportunity.

  • We introduce the role of the UN SDG's and their relevance within the investment sector. We use the SDG's to help you identify your core impact priorities and create a bespoke set of metrics against which to measure the impact of your portfolio.

  • We discuss the various different impact measurement tools on the market and the ways in which we will use them to measure your fund.

  • By the end of our training, you'll have a clear understanding of the role your fund will play in creating a better future for your members whilst still maintaining a focus on your fiduciary duty.

2. Mapping and analysis

Our team of analysis and reporting experts conduct thorough engagement with your Fund Managers on your behalf to assess the impact of their funds. 

  • We deliver you a dashboard of each fund's current performance against your SDG priorities, using data from one or more impact measurement tools combined with our own professional analysis.

  • The carbon footprint of the fund is collated with any other relevant and available data to give a wider view of the fund's impact.

  • Our experts can help you identify risks and opportunities within the results to help you make more informed investment decisions and comply with TCFD regulations.

  • Core metrics are put in place to start creating accurate datasets based on your priorities. This data measurement is verified by us to ensure that the results are honest and accurate

  • You will be allocated an Impact Relationship Manager who becomes your single point of contact for all impact related queries, as well as providing regular impact reports and providing honest and impartial recommendations.

3. Engagement

Communicating your priorities, processes and achievements is the final phase of our delivery. 

  • We develop your impact mapping process into a communication strategy, delivering your ideas in simple and effective ways that can be understood by a range of different stakeholders.

  • We offer social media content creation and community management services.

  • Our designers and copywriters can produce superior quality reports, white papers, and infographics to make the quantitative data come to life in an easy to digest format.

  • Effective communication will help you to face public scrutiny online, in the press and at public events such as your AGM.

  • Our Responsible Reward expert can help put in place remuneration incentives based on extra-financial targets for fund managers. 

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