How to communicate with your staff - two great business leaders give their tips

As impact investment continues its momentum of growth from the early nascent industry sector towards becoming the social norm and future of investing, it is important to fully embed the principles across your business.

If, however, impact investment is a newer concept to your organisation and you are rolling it out to other staff members, then a coherent communication strategy is vital to disseminating information effectively.

In this article, we hear from two business leaders in different professions to give us expert insight into how to communicate with your staff and make them feel engaged at work.

First up, it’s Tom Moody who is Vice President & Managing Director of P&G Northern Europe. He is responsible for over 4,000 employees in the UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and operates 8 offices, 6 manufacturing and distribution sites and 3 research & development centres. Tom’s key tips are:

  • Communicate clear goals and expectations which will enable all employees to have a sense of purpose with meaningful work that links to the Company’s growth strategy

  • Show you care by recognising differences between employees and valuing them for who they are; doing so will grow their confidence and empower them to take responsibility

  • Create a culture of learning - a growth mindset is something you want to develop amongst your employees, so take every opportunity to learn from both successes and failures

The second set of tips comes from Ed Spitzer, VP at Enterprise Holdings. As European Remarketing Director, Ed has responsibility across the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Republic Of Ireland for managing the company’s fleet of more than 160,000 vehicles once they leave rental. He has been at the company for 33 years and is passionate about the company’s purpose. Enterprise focusses relentlessly on providing great customer service, and in order to do that they have to have a committed group of employees. Communication, therefore, is crucial. To achieve an engaged workforce, Ed’s favourite tips are:

Actions speak louder than words. Make sure team leaders and managers live the company values every working day. It will demonstrate your beliefs are more than words printed on a wall or employee handout.

Policies and processes set the tone for culture. For example, our employees tell us that the Enterprise ‘promote from within’ policy is a powerful retention tool because of how it exemplifies our values. It is a promise that our employees will be first in line when a new job opportunity opens up.

Be visual. Research indicates that around 60% of what people remember best is based on visual clues. Our cultural compass, for example, is quite literally a six-point planning and goal-setting tool that helps every Enterprise manager to incorporate the important areas of best practice into the way they run their local operations.

Remember your cultural DNA. Be clear how your founding values still operate in the business, even if you’ve been through a number of acquisitions or mergers. We regularly refer to the words of our founder, Jack Taylor, as they continue to be relevant to our beliefs and operations today. “Look after your customers and your people and the profits will look after themselves” remains core to our business model. We still do business “one handshake at a time” and we always remind our teams to “have fun!”

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