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Before we were an impact mapping agency, we were a communications agency.

We worked in filmmaking, photography, design, branding and PR for over a decade with corporate clients such as Saatchi & Saatchi, MTV, eBay, HSBC, and Discovery Channel.

We also worked with charity partners, such as Help for Heroes, The British Exploring Society and The Royal Geographical Society. 

Communications still plays a major role in what we do and we've worked alongside DG Publishing and Pensions for Purpose since early 2019.

When the government announced the small business grant and loan support scheme last week, it was clear that this will have a huge impact on the resources of every council across the country as they take on the responsibility of delivering the government's plan.

We immediately contacted one of our LGPS clients who explained the extra strain they were under because of a combination of reduced staffing levels, the limitations of home-working and the extra commitment now needed in order to engage effectively with their stakeholders.

This got us thinking about how many other pension funds in the UK must be facing exactly the same problems right now? 

We run Ethical Compass and in our day jobs we work exclusively within the pensions industry to help asset owners with independent and impartial impact investment training, portfolio analysis, and engagement.

A large part of our work is in communications - we’re experts at crafting written information, creating visual aids like infographics, and producing easy-to-digest video and audio content.

Whilst coping with the substantial effects of COVID-19, and preparing for the aforementioned local authority administration, we wanted to offer our clients an extra supporting hand in this time of crisis. 

That’s why we have created an Emergency Communications Support Package for LGPS pension schemes.


We deliver comprehensive communications support alongside your existing team so that you can continue to inform your members about their pension savings, keep the market updated, and let your external Fund Managers stay in the loop, whilst also dealing with your regular day-to-day commitments. Whether that’s drafting and designing email templates, devising a social-media strategy and posting-plans, or simply writing copy - we are here to assist.

Where possible, we want to offer our services pro bono in order to help you expedite the procurement process and reduce the extra work involved with setting up new vendors. Alternatively, we are happy to set up deferred payment plans for services where we’re unable to absorb the costs directly. 

Please contact us to discuss your upcoming requirements and to find out how we can help you in the short term. Our email and direct phone details are below. We look forward to chatting with you very soon.

Best wishes,

Ben Holden & Jon Maguire
Ethical Compass

Covid-19 emergency response services

At a time when communications will be a key focus of your strategies, we're offering our help and expertise to any one who needs it.

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Created in partnership with Saatchi & Saatchi to highlight the extra-financial shifts in member's priorities.

HSBC Exploring Personal Finance

Fundraising and awareness video produced for the Scientific Exploration Society.

Scientific Exploration Society 

Ethical Compass co-organised a roundtable discussion and produced a digital white paper of the findings.

Acre Resources whitepaper

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