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Asset Manager Services

Building trust is a crucial element in the financial markets; and we believe trust is earned by great brands.

The investment industry generally has a poor reputation when it comes to external perception. Much of the marketing and communication content can be considered dry, boring, and uninspiring.


Impact investment, however, is different.


The sector is awash with engaging, emotive, and tangible stories of human progress showcasing opportunities that make money whilst contributing positively to people and planet. We believe that these opportunities offer a unique window of storytelling magic. And the firms that tell these stories most effectively will stand-out from the competition, win more mandates and increase assets under management.


Our role is to stimulate, challenge, and guide our clients to create sustainable businesses that create a sustainable future. The key to embedding a lasting business model starts with purpose and brand values. Our Impact Wayfinder™️ workshop helps each of our clients to gain a clear understanding of these values, providing a platform to create a coherent strategy based on the impact investment objectives of the business.


Ethical Compass will help to bring your difference to life and make that stand out in a competitive industry. It’s vital that how your firm is externally perceived through its marketing and communications truly matches the passion, enthusiasm, and innovation of your people.


Everything that leaves the organisation affects the brand, so we will manage and shape your identity, creating a consistency of messaging based on your brand values. We will help you with your brand's market positioning whilst protecting and reinforcing your values and reputation.

  • Branding & Design

  • Brand Positioning

  • Purpose & Key Messaging


We help clients harness the power of social media and online communications. We guide asset managers with the entirety of their online needs, from those with simple online requirements to organisations in need of sophisticated digital marketing and advertising strategies.

  • Full Social Media Management 

  • Community Building & Management

  • Digital Marketing


We can help you to position your impact investment offering through storytelling. Our video production and editing capabilities ensure that visual projects are brought to life and your brand’s personality is differentiated in a competitive market. 

  • Content Planning & Strategy

  • Video Production & Editing

  • PR & Copywriting