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Ethical Compass Management is a specialist impact investment solutions agency. Our mission is simple: we are working to get more money into impact investment.

Our Founders, Ben and Jon, ran a successful ethical & sustainable communications agency before discovering the potential to create real global change in the impact investment space.


As individuals, and as a business, we started out with a purpose to make the largest possible positive impact in the world. Having been immersed in the world of impact investment, we realised that this was the industry to fulfil our oath and during 2019 we took the decision to phase out our other clients and focus the work of Ethical Compass exclusively within impact investment.


During the course of working with clients, we quickly realised that there were a number of barriers to allocating more capital to impact investment. Expanding beyond our communications heritage, we structured our business with the intention of helping to remove obstacles to impact investment and adding value to asset managers and asset owners in the following three areas.


We are expert storytellers and help bring the personality of brands to life. Whether it’s between two individuals or two organisations, building trust is a crucial element in the financial markets; and we believe trust is earned by great brands. We use video, marketing, and social media to tell the stories that lie behind impact investment. 


We help asset owners and managers understand what impact investment means to them, the steps needed to implement it within their business, and then introducing the connections to make it a reality. We have the ability to deliver training sessions on impact investment and provide regulated advice around portfolio construction and asset allocation within the impact space.


In order to shift towards the future of investing, all organisations will need great people. Ethical Compass source candidates that have expertise and experience in impact investment, sustainability, and ESG. We build teams and consult on resource allocation



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