Ethical Compass is an independent engagement agency working exclusively with corporate pension schemes.

We connect organisations to the impact of their pension investments through a programme of education, portfolio mapping and engagement strategies to help them align their investments with their corporate and member values

Why is this important?

Over the next six months, the Make my Money Matter campaign - headed by filmmaker, Richard Curtis - will create an explosion of activity from employees of major corporates enquiring about how and where their money is invested.


Charities such as ShareAction are increasingly putting pressure on organisations to engage more clearly with their members on their investment strategies; as well as holding the asset owners and asset managers much more accountable for the environmental and social impact of their funds.


Our goal is to help corporate pension schemes be well-equipped, well-informed, and well-prepared for this imminent situation. 

How we help you align your investments with your values:


Our proprietary educational workshops will teach you and your trustees everything you need to know about impact. From the current environmental crisis, to the role of the SDG's in measuring your impact.


We work with your Fund Managers to analyse the current impact of your fund and create easy-to-understand reports to help us map the impact of your investments to your corporate values. We then offer support to help you create strategies for the future.


We then bring your impact to life using a variety of visual media, storytelling and infographics. We'll help you to engage with your members and stakeholders at all levels as well acting as an impartial and trustworthy communications bridge between you and your Fund Managers.

Why we're unique

  • We don't sell our own investment products - we don't represent any other investment organisation and we're entirely self-funded. Our guidance is impartial, honest and transparent.

  • We speak clearly, openly and effectively - we're as jargon-free as possible.

  • We work exclusively for DC pension schemes - which gives us a laser-focused level of service.

  • We’re not regulated financial advisers - this is a conscious decision to differentiate ourselves from financial consultants. We work 'outside' the industry to offer trustworthy, third-party guidance.

  • We're expert storytellers - with over a decade of specialist experience in the communications industry.

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